We are on a PAUSE

Our top priority is your safety.

At Portland Cars & Coffee, our primary concern is safety:

— Safety for our attendees.

— Safety for our vehicles.

— And safety for those who we have contact with after we leave the event.

Accordingly, we are taking the interim action to pause Portland Cars & Coffee until we have better guidance from health and medical professionals. And this guidance is changing on a daily basis.

We could write a long post to explain how we are monitoring the CDC, Oregon Health Authority, and other reputable health data sources. But you can find that information elsewhere.

Simply put, we want you to be safe at our event. And until we are reassured that we can provide a safe environment, we are pressing the pause button for our weekly event.

We will send additional updates via email and post on our website and social media channels.

Most of all, please stay safe. (and wash your hands, like mom told you)

–Mark, Lisa, and the Ground Control volunteers


2020 Featured Theme Calendar

Here it is! Our 2020 Featured Theme Calendar for the front parking lot. We have added a couple new days, such as Rat Rods and Electric Vehicles.

REMEMBER: Relax, there are still another 350 parking spaces if your vehicle does not fit the Featured Theme for a specific day. Show up as normal, and we will find a parking space for you. Unless we are full, then you may have to wait for 10-15 minutes. The solution then is to show up early, and arrive before we are full. Got it?

Default = “Rare/ Exotic/ Unique” as selected by Ground Control volunteer

May 16 – Summer Featured Season Opening Day

May 23 – Default

May 30 – Default

June 6 – Default

June 13 – Cars My Father Drove

June 20 – British 

June 27 – Service Personnel and Military Vehicles

July 4 – Red, White, Blue

July 11 – Default 

July 18 – World of Speed Annual Car Show (no Portland Cars & Coffee)

July 25 – Corvette 

Aug 1 – Motorcycle

Aug 8 – Default

Aug 15 – Default 

Aug 22 – Porsche 

Aug 29 – Mopar

Sept 5 – Default

Sept 12 – Italian 

Sept 19 – Rat Rods

Sept 26 – Electric Vehicles

Oct 3 – Default 

Oct 10 – Overland 4X4

Oct 17 – Default

Oct 24 – Default / End of Summer Featured Season

World of Speed NASCAR Simulator

Simulator Challenge

As we head into the fall and winter months, Portland Cars and Coffee has partnered with World of Speed to provide a new activity. You will get five free laps in one of the simulators, then be able to compare times with your friends.

Starting this Saturday Sept 28th, we will be signing up people starting at 8:45am outside the front door of World of Speed. Limited to space available, so show up and line up. We plan to expand this in the future, so this is just our warm up session on the track while we sort out this new suspension setup.

Yes, there are a few disclaimers and limitations. Just like the warning label you find inside a racing helmet, saying that racing is a dangerous activity. We will explain them when you sign up.

Signing up for this challenge means you sign up for the newsletters for us and our partners. We also will get permission to take photos of you, so we can post your winning face to our social media. And we might follow up with you to find out what you think about your experience. Standard disclaimers….

Let the bench racing and bragging rights begin!


2019 Featured Theme Calendar

2019 Portland Cars and Coffee Featured Theme Calendar

**Default = Rare / Exotic / Unique**

April 13 – Mustang Day (pre-season)

May 4th – Summer Season Opening Day

May 11th – Default

May 18th – Default

May 25th – Default

June 1 – Mercedes

June 8 – Hot Rod Day

June 15 – Cars My Father Drove

June 22 – British

June 29 – Service Personnel

July 6 – Red, White, Blue

July 13 – Default

July 20 – Italians

July 27 – Porsche

Aug 3 – Alex Mills Day

Aug 10 – Muscle cars

Aug 17 – Mopar

Aug 24 – Corvette

Aug 31 – Default

Sept 7 – Motorcycle

Sept 14 – Default

Sept 21 – DTM

Sept 28 – Default

Oct 5 – Overland 4X4

Oct 12 – Default

Oct 19 – Default


What is Featured Parking?

What is the Featured lot?

The Featured Lot is our front parking area of approximately 35 spaces. These spaces are reserved for the first 35 vehicles that we determine to fit best with our Featured Theme of the day. Some Saturdays this theme will be easy (Italian Day) while others will be more subjective (Rare / Exotic / Unique). Our intent is to rotate the themes to allow the widest representation of vehicles into the Featured lot.

What if I am not selected for the Featured lot?

…then you simply park in one of the other 300 parking spaces in our other two parking lots…
Everyone is still welcome to attend and participate in our weekly event.

What if I still want to complain about not being selected for the Featured lot?

Well then, you could always sleep in until noon.
Or invite your friends to meet somewhere else on Saturday mornings.
Lastly you could always spend the morning repacking your muffler bearings with new grease.


Explaining our Default Theme

What is Rare / Exotic / Unique?

This is our default theme, intended to give us the greatest flexibility in putting vehicles into the front Featured lot. We will be using this default theme for approximately half of our 2018 events.

How do you define this theme?

As we often have over 400 vehicles per day, we leave the weekly selection of Featured vehicles up to one or more of our volunteers. That ensures that no one person always makes all the decisions, and a diversity of interests can be represented. Sorry, no bribes accepted!

That is the beauty of it – it is up to one of our volunteers each week to make this decision. In return for working as Ground Control, volunteers may be given the opportunity to use their personal interests to set the definition for the day. One volunteer may prefer German or Italian on one Saturday, while another volunteer may prefer American muscle the next weekend. And if we end up with a Featured lot that has predominantly boxy 70’s gas guzzlers, then it will make for some interesting photo galleries.

And hey, yes a Mustang II King Cobra would likely be put in the Featured lot on a Rare / Exotic / Unique day because it would likely be the only one we see that day. Plus Mark really likes Mustangs!

If you want to have a turn at selecting vehicles for Rare / Exotic / Unique day, the first step is to ask about becoming a Ground Control volunteer. Find an orange shirt, and ask us how!



(Photo Credit: This photo was exerpted from the book “Mustang Special Editions” by Brad Bowling and Jerry Heasley. It is available through www.Amazon.com and other online retailers.)


We Are Partners With The Police

The police are our partners

We are active partners with the Wilsonville police and their community policing efforts. So they help us control the occasional bad behavior that can occur whenever high octane and horsepower come together in a parking lot or the streets surrounding our event.

Excessive application of the throttle pedal may bring you attention that you don’t want.

If we witness a naughty driver, we do cooperate by providing photos and documentation to the Wilsonville police for follow up.  We hear that that can get expensive.

We also reserve the right to ban (temporarily or permanently) any drivers that break our rules during our event.  You are given these rules on the flyer when you arrive.

If you really want to see what your car can do, talk to us about a driving school at Portland International Raceway.  A few of us are driving instructors, and would be happy to sit with you for some laps at PIR instead of a drag race on the public streets.


Photos yes, drones no

Photos yes, drones no

We love to see pictures of cool cars at our event! So if you want to take pictures at our event, go ahead! Then post them here for others to enjoy!

We have a long history of amateur and professional photographers at our event. After ten years, many folks have built and honed their skills of perspective and arrangement. As long as you are not selling the photos, or using them to make money via your website or media channel, feel free to post the links to your online storage.

However aerial photography is NOT allowed via drones or any other flying methods. We have an operating agreement with World of Speed, so please help us stay within the boundaries. Keep the cameras in hand or on a selfie stick.

It has nothing to do with whether you are a licensed drone pilot, or can articulate down to the meter how far away from the Aurora airport we are. Our policy is simply no drones at our event.

Keep the cameras in your hands, and get out there and see what amazing photos you can take in person!


Our Incredible Volunteers

Ground Control: Our incredible volunteers!!!

It would be impossible to manage this event without the help of an amazing group of volunteers! They are the backbone of Portland Cars and Coffee. We call them Ground Control.

You can easily see our GC members by the orange and black shirts they wear, sort of like a safety cone. (No we are not sponsored by OSU) They will also be wearing a lanyard with a copy of our rules, in case you have questions. And of course, a radio and earpiece will help us communicate.

When you enter the driveway, you will usually be greeted by two of our GC members, Valerie and Lisa. They will greet you with a smile, and provide you a flyer with our rules and our calendar. We strongly suggest you smile back and graciously accept the handout. However if you are a grouch, or your don’t want to roll your window down for the flyer, these ladies know how to drive and will track you down!

As you follow the line of cars for parking, additional GC members will guide you towards available parking spaces. Please follow their instructions, as they will help you along the way. If you don’t follow their instructions, they may help you out the back gate and out of the event. Nicely, of course…


2018 Featured Theme Calendar

Our 2018 Calendar of Featured Themes for the front parking lot is here!


We are celebrating 10 years of meeting every Saturday by returning to our roots!  The entirety of the car enthusiast community, with fewer specific themes and more of our Rare / Exotic / Unique days to allow for a more broad representation of cool cars in the front Featured lot.  As always, the remaining two parking lots are open to all vehicles, every Saturday, regardless of the Featured Theme.


There are two formats for our calendar. First is the interactive calendar, found here Calendar by month

Alternately this list format may be easier to print and keep in your vehicle:

April 14 – Mustang Day
May 12 – Opening Day
May 19 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
May 26 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 2 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 9 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 16 – Cars My Father Drove
June 23 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 30 – Red, White, and Blue
July 7 – Service Personnel Appreciation
July 14 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
July 21 – Porsche Day
July 28 – Italian Day
Aug 4 – Hot Rods (classic)
Aug 11 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Aug 18 – Muscle Cars (big blocks)
Aug 25 – Motorcycle Day
Sept 1 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Sept 8 – Corvette Day
Sept 15 – Mopar Day
Sept 22 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Sept 29 – Overland 4×4 Day
Oct 6 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Oct 13 – Rare / Exotic / Unique

Oct 20th and beyond – We still keep meeting, every Saturday, all year long. Anyone can park in any lot, in any designated parking space.


A heartfelt thank you

As I finish packing my family’s life into boxes and prepare to board a plane with a one-way ticket, I wanted to take a moment to simply say, thank you.


That’s not directed at one specific individual, group, or organization, but to all of you. The Portland car community at large.


My wife and I moved here six weeks after getting married, and knew almost no one in Portland. A few months after moving I ran into a long-time Portland Cars & Coffee attendee at the Audi dealership. It was so nice to meet a friendly car enthusiast in a place where I had nearly no friends. He told me about Portland Cars & Coffee.

My first time attending the gathering was at our previous location at the Starbucks in Tigard on Sequoia Parkway. Everyone was so friendly and the gathering was diverse. It was low-key and laid back. Maybe 25-50 enthusiasts in a parking lot on a cool winter day.

Among the long-time Portland Cars & Coffee attendees I met that first day was Mark Scholz. At the time he was one of the two gentlemen managing the gathering. When we started chatting and he learned about my background his eyes lit up. You could see the gears turning. As they say, the rest is history.

We’ve grown, a lot. What was once a group of 25-50 enthusiasts has grown into over 300 cars and 600 people on a weekly basis.

A good chunk of my closest PNW friends are because of Portland Cars & Coffee. What’s more, you aren’t just my friends, but friends that my wife and I are now close with as well. As we started a family the community supported us. The friendships I have, the things people have done to help us, I can’t begin to give thanks for.

Thank you for rallying behind Mark and I as we guided Portland Cars & Coffee through its growth and evolution.

As I transition from co-leader to more of an leadership advisor role, a special thank you to the members of Ground Control is necessary. Without this group of people, Portland Cars & Coffee would simply not exist anymore. They are the ones that make this run.

More than that, thank you all for taking my family in and making us part of yours. I will forever be grateful to this car community.

While I might not be here locally on site, you can bet I’m not gone.

Please, keep in touch.

– Joel


Leadership Change

Effective immediately we are announcing a leadership change for Portland Cars & Coffee.


Current co-leader Joel Feder will be stepping down from his role.


The new leadership will consist of a trio of gentlemen including Mark Scholz, Mason O’Lennick, and Chris Mitchell.

Joel will assist with the transition through the 2016 season and stay on in a leadership advisor capacity there after.

Why now?

Joel and his family are moving to Minnesota, and while distance makes the heart grow fonder, it’s difficult to be in charge of a gathering when one can’t be on site frequently.

About the new leadership:

Mark Scholz –

Mark has been with Portland Cars & Coffee since the beginning in 2008. He’s a driving instructor, Italian car nut (although German cars are growing on him quickly,) and car enthusiast. By day he sells garages with homes attached, and by weekend he is either at the race track, with his daughter, or at Portland Cars & Coffee.

Mason O’Lennick –

Mason has been attending Portland Cars & Coffee for over five years and has been an active leader in Ground Control since its inception. His experience and knowledge spans topics such as business operations, non-profits, legal, and is of course, an automotive enthusiast. He’s active in the local car community with the BMW club and is an avid DIYer.

Chris Mitchell –

Chris has been coming to Portland Cars & Coffee well over five years and has been an active leader in Ground Control since its inception. His background includes digital marketing and branding strategy, small business management, along with event planning. Chris spends most of his time racing or helping other automotive groups around the PNW, and regardless if it’s Saturday, is a regular coffee addict, always willing to lend a hand.

We are excited about this new chapter in Portland Cars & Coffee’s history and look forward to seeing it continue to evolve.

– Joel, Mark, Mason, Chris

*Photo credit – Tom Hoots


2016 Weekly Theme Calendar

You’ve spoken. Provided suggestions. Even sent in demands (kidding, sort of). We’ve listened.


After toiling away with dates, scheduling conflicts, and of course, arguing internally, we have a tentative 2016 calendar for the Featured Parking themes.


2016 Featured Parking theme calendar:

5/14 – Mercedes Day

5/21 – Porsche Day

5/28 – Default, no set theme

6/4 – Tuned Day

6/11 – Default, no set theme

6/18 – Wagon Day

6/25 – Race Car Day

7/2 – Default, no set theme

7/9 – Concours Day

7/16 – Default, no set theme

7/23 – Ferrari Day

7/30 –Stars of the DTM

8/6 – Default, no set them

8/13 – Motorcycle Day

8/20 – Default, no set theme

8/27 – Mustang Day

9/3 – JDM Day

9/10 – Mopar Day

9/17 – Default, no set theme

9/24 – Default, no set theme

10/1 – First Responders Day

10/8 – Excursion/Adventure Vehicles

10/15 – Default, no set theme

10/22 – Default, no set theme

10/29 – Default, no set theme

* *Themes and dates subject to change for various factors.


The 2016 Season Starts Now

And we’re back! This weekend we will come out of winter mode.

That’s right, this weekend will be our 2016 season opener. The Ground Control volunteers are ready, the radios are charged, and the sun is out. It’s time.


Over the winter our Facebook group has grown with lots of new faces. This is great! Given that, here are some things you might want to know about how things work during the main season:

Featured Parking

The main parking spots directly in front of World of Speed is the Featured Section. The goal with this section is and has been to keep things dynamic, fresh, and to highlight some vehicles.

What goes in featured parking? You can refer to this blog post here.

We start at 8 am, not before

The World of Speed parking lots are gated. Gates will not open for Cars and Coffee parking until 8 am. If you arrive early—and you are absolutely welcome to, if you want to be in the Featured Section it’s highly recommended—please line up on the side of the street. Everyone you see entering and inside the parking lot before 8 am is Ground Control staff.


There are two parking lots

Lot 1 is the main side of the World of Speed building, including the loading docks. Yes, we park in the loading docks. Please wrap around the loading docks and park efficiently so we can fit as many cars as possible. Ground Control will be directing traffic. They are there to help, please listen to them.

Lot 2 is next to the main lot. To access Lot 2 you’ll be directed to the right as you pull in. We’ll be directing people to Lot 2 once Lot 1 is full.

Please do not park in the back two rows behind World of Speed (see red on map). Those are reserved for World of Speed employees and customers. Also, do not park in the alley way, church parking lot or surrounding business parks. Handicap parking spaces are for those with handicap permits only.

When both lots are full there is parking on side streets. When cars leave and spaces open up we’ll continue letting people in.

Ground Control Staff

Ground Control Staff are the group of volunteers that make Portland Cars & Coffee run. They all have badges and are there to help. Have a question? Ask Ground Control member.

Don’t be that guy

Seriously, please. We know you’re awesome, your car is awesome, and it’s super loud, not to mention fast. This is a family event. We have police on site for a reason.

House keeping

  • We don’t save parking spots. Not for your buddy, not for your mom, not for your bestie
  • There are trash cans around the parking lot. Use them, please
  • No for sale signs, hand outs, sign ups
  • Do not touch people’s cars


We look forward to seeing everyone at World of Speed for the 2016 season opener this weekend.

 ~ Mark, Joel, and Ground Control


Featured Parking Explained

How does the featured parking section work?

Why that’s a great question, glad you asked!


The Featured Section

The featured parking section is the area in front of World of Speed, which is approximately 22 parking spaces, plus the cul-de-sac sometimes.


What Goes In The Featured Section?

The featured section is ever changing and completely dynamic. Some weekends there is a  theme to the featured section, whether it be cars from XXXX and before, or only German cars, or even only modified cars.

On weekends there is no theme for the featured section it defaults to unique, rare, and exotic vehicles.

We look forward to keeping things interesting, and more importantly, fun, as Portland Cars and Coffee continues to evolve.


Who Decides What Goes In The Featured Section?

The Ground Control volunteers make the call as to what goes into the Featured Section.


 ~ Mark, Joel, and Ground Control


Relaunch Recap

Frankly, we are speechless. The support you all have shown is tremendous. Thank you to our Ground Control staff for all their efforts both in getting us to this past weekend, and for making it actually happen. And thank you to you, the car community. Without you this past weekend wouldn’t have happened. So, thank you to everyone for their support, it’s overwhelming.


By The Numbers

Many have asked for the numbers, so let’s run through them:

  • Gates opened at 8 am to a line of cars that we’re told was nearly to the freeway
  • By 8:45 am the featured section was full
  • By 8:55 both Lot 1 and Lot 2 were full and it went to street parking
  • By 9:15 some spots started opening up
  • Approximately 430 cars parked inside the lots
  • Approximately 600-700 people attended


Lessons Learned–We Watched And Listened


Many of you provided valuable feedback both on-site at World of Speed and by reaching out to Mark Scholz or Joel Feder. Thank you. We spent a lot of time listening to that, and watching how things went. In just one weekend we learned a lot, and have made a list of adjustments that will be implemented immediately next weekend. These adjustments should make it so people get into the lots faster, it’s safer when exiting, and it’s more clear where you should go if you arrive before the gates open. We’ll lay out these adjustments before the weekend once they are all set.


We can’t wait to do it again next weekend, and the weekend after that.

Have a great week and we’ll see you all Saturday for Cars and Coffee.


Joel, Mark, and Ground Control


We Relaunch Tomorrow: Details

After what seems like billions of years, the day is upon us. Tomorrow Portland Cars and Coffee returns, and life can go back to normal on Saturday mornings.

Here are some things you might want to know for tomorrow morning:
Featured Parking
The parking area in the front of World of Speed (approximately 22 spaces—see map) has been renamed the Featured Section. Our goal with this section is to keep it dynamic and fresh.  Much of the time the Featured section will be for exotics, yet we fully intend to have special weekends that trade exotics for a featured marque, car club, or perhaps a special gathering.  It’s our intent to maintain flexibility in this Featured area in order to best serve the entire C&C community.
“What is an exotic?” Virtually any Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren fits. Beyond that, generally anything that’s very rare, expensive, or unusual. A Porsche 911 GT3 (RS) is rare and expensive while a Carrera 4S isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with a Carrera 4S, lovely car, but it’s not an exotic. 
And if you absolutely need a written description, here is one which we particularly like from Exotics at Redmond Town Center: http://www.exoticsat.com/frequently-asked-questions
Please note: Once the 22 spaces are full we will close the Featured area, so please show up early.  If your car does not get put in the featured section please don’t take it personally, it’s not personal.
We Start At 8 AM, Not Before
The World of Speed parking lots are gated. Gates will not open for Cars and Coffee parking until 8 am. If you arrive early, lineup on the side of the street. Everyone you see entering and inside the parking lot before 8 am is Ground Control Staff.
Main Parking
We will fill Lot 1 and then proceed to open up Lot 2. Please fill the loading dock area in Lot 1 as well, and park smartly in there without wasting space. When you pull in Ground Control at the gate will inform you if you should go to the featured lot or lots 1/2.
Once both lots are full we’ll revert to street parking, which there is plenty of. Please do not get angry at Ground Control if they inform you the lots are full, they are simply reporting facts.
We are absolutely expecting a full house, so we recommend arriving no later than 8:40 if you prefer to park in the parking lots rather than on the street.
Please do not park in the back two rows behind World of Speed (see red on map). Those are reserved for World of Speed employees and customers. Also, do not park in the alley way, church parking lot or surrounding business parks. Handicap parking spaces are for those with handicap permits only.
There will be a coffee truck outside capable of serving 100 people in 30 minutes in front of World of Speed, plus coffee and pastries inside the atrium. There will be plenty of coffee for all.
Keep It In Control
We’ll have police presence. Please, don’t show us how awesome your driving skills are, we know.
We can’t wait to see everyone in the morning at World of Speed.
Joel, Mark, and Ground Control

Portland Cars & Coffee Is Back


It’s been a long time coming, but we are very happy to announce that Portland Cars and Coffee is moving to World of Speed!

We know you have lots of questions and we’ll do our best to answer them below.


Why World of Speed?
Yes, World of Speed is in Wilsonville. We know many of you are about say, “Man, that’s so far!” No, it’s not that far. The facts are, from our previous location’s parking lot in Tigard to the World of Speed parking lot it is 6.6 miles, and it takes about 8 minutes to drive. Portland Cars and Coffee started in Jantzen Beach, immediately moved to Bridgeport for two years, and then most recently was in Tigard for four years. It’s not as far as you think.
Why World of Speed? It’s awesome. But, beyond that completely unsubstantiated reason, it has the space we were looking for (we don’t really want to be managing a 500-700 car show every weekend), and it’s a much better set up for us as we won’t have to park around buildings and businesses.
Oh, there will be coffee!
Inside World of Speed’s atrium, we’ll have access to bathrooms, chairs, tables, and a small coffee stand catered by Elephants Deli. During gorgeous weekends we plan to have coffee trucks on site to help make sure there’s enough coffee to keep everyone awake. We’ll have more room inside than we had at Starbucks in the winter, and there are picnic tables outside the front of World of Speed for those that want to just sit and take it all in when the weather’s nice.
One of the issues with our previous location was parking. We now have approximately 300+ spots, plus street parking.
How it works—The Setup
World of Speed has two parking lots that we will use: the main lot for the building (Lot 1), and a secondary lot (Lot 2) immediately next to it (behind the church next door accessed via an alleyway between the two lots). Further, most weekends we will be allowed to use the entire loading dock as well, so we’ll have cars fan out around that area. The only spots we will not be using are the back two rows behind World of Speed. Those will be for World of Speed employees and customers, since the museum opens at 10 am and we don’t technically end until 11. Please do NOT park in the back two rows behind World of Speed (see red on map).
We will first fill the main lot (Lot 1—see parking map), then open the secondary lot (Lot 2). The city of Wilsonville does allow street parking. So, if the lots are full, park on the street. Ground Control will let you know if the lot is full when you pull in. Please remember that Ground Control will just be providing the facts if they inform you the lots are full, so do not get angry at them. Our agreement does NOT include parking in the alley way, church parking lot or surrounding business parks, so please remember to use the street when Lots 1 & 2 are full.
Exotics / Featured Parking area
One benefit of World of Speed layout is the opportunity to showcase exotic and unique vehicles that originally were the centerpiece of the gathering.  The parking spots in front of World of Speed Lot 1 will be exotics only—see map. This is probably only about 22 spots. What qualifies a car to park in this spot? This is a grey area and one we will adjust to fit the mix and demand of the event. The reality is this: If you have to ask if a car is exotic, it probably isn’t. The final decision will be made by the Ground Control staff member working the front gate (or Mark Scholz and Joel Feder).
We will have police presence. Keep it in control. Please don’t rev your engines, drop your clutch, slide out of the parking lot, burnout, or show everyone how awesome your driving skills are. World of Speed is on private property and people will be asked to leave and not return if they can’t be respectful. The same goes if anyone does anything stupid or dangerous.
Important: World of Speed parking lots are gated and will not open for parking until 8 am. Please don’t come early, and if you do arrive early, please lineup on the west side of the street until gates open. The people you will see in the lot before 8 am are Ground Control Staff.
We look forward to seeing everyone at World of Speed for our relaunch on Saturday, May 16.
Mark, Joel, and Ground Control

Welcome to Portland Cars & Coffee

We invite you to check back with us during our “Spring Break” while we are currently looking for a much larger venue.

The CURRENT SEQUOIA PKWY LOCATION WILL NOT BE USED ANYMORE.  We are in agreement with property management and decided that we have outgrown the space and need to move on.  We will have Ground Control volunteers handing out leaflets indicating that location will not be used.

We appreciate your understand and hope to have a new location announced sooner than later.  Stay tuned!


In the meantime, follow us on Facebook for daily discussions.