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We Are Partners With The Police

The police are our partners

We are active partners with the Wilsonville police and their community policing efforts. So they help us control the occasional bad behavior that can occur whenever high octane and horsepower come together in a parking lot or the streets surrounding our event.

Excessive application of the throttle pedal may bring you attention that you don’t want.

If we witness a naughty driver, we do cooperate by providing photos and documentation to the Wilsonville police for follow up.  We hear that that can get expensive.

We also reserve the right to ban (temporarily or permanently) any drivers that break our rules during our event.  You are given these rules on the flyer when you arrive.

If you really want to see what your car can do, talk to us about a driving school at Portland International Raceway.  A few of us are driving instructors, and would be happy to sit with you for some laps at PIR instead of a drag race on the public streets.

Photos yes, drones no

Photos yes, drones no

We love to see pictures of cool cars at our event! So if you want to take pictures at our event, go ahead! Then post them here for others to enjoy!

We have a long history of amateur and professional photographers at our event. After ten years, many folks have built and honed their skills of perspective and arrangement. As long as you are not selling the photos, or using them to make money via your website or media channel, feel free to post the links to your online storage.

However aerial photography is NOT allowed via drones or any other flying methods. We have an operating agreement with World of Speed, so please help us stay within the boundaries. Keep the cameras in hand or on a selfie stick.

It has nothing to do with whether you are a licensed drone pilot, or can articulate down to the meter how far away from the Aurora airport we are. Our policy is simply no drones at our event.

Keep the cameras in your hands, and get out there and see what amazing photos you can take in person!

Our Incredible Volunteers

Ground Control: Our incredible volunteers!!!

It would be impossible to manage this event without the help of an amazing group of volunteers! They are the backbone of Portland Cars and Coffee. We call them Ground Control.

You can easily see our GC members by the orange and black shirts they wear, sort of like a safety cone. (No we are not sponsored by OSU) They will also be wearing a lanyard with a copy of our rules, in case you have questions. And of course, a radio and earpiece will help us communicate.

When you enter the driveway, you will usually be greeted by two of our GC members, Valerie and Lisa. They will greet you with a smile, and provide you a flyer with our rules and our calendar. We strongly suggest you smile back and graciously accept the handout. However if you are a grouch, or your don’t want to roll your window down for the flyer, these ladies know how to drive and will track you down!

As you follow the line of cars for parking, additional GC members will guide you towards available parking spaces. Please follow their instructions, as they will help you along the way. If you don’t follow their instructions, they may help you out the back gate and out of the event. Nicely, of course…

2018 Featured Theme Calendar

Our 2018 Calendar of Featured Themes for the front parking lot is here!


We are celebrating 10 years of meeting every Saturday by returning to our roots!  The entirety of the car enthusiast community, with fewer specific themes and more of our Rare / Exotic / Unique days to allow for a more broad representation of cool cars in the front Featured lot.  As always, the remaining two parking lots are open to all vehicles, every Saturday, regardless of the Featured Theme.


There are two formats for our calendar. First is the interactive calendar, found here Calendar by month

Alternately this list format may be easier to print and keep in your vehicle:

April 14 – Mustang Day
May 12 – Opening Day
May 19 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
May 26 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 2 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 9 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 16 – Cars My Father Drove
June 23 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
June 30 – Red, White, and Blue
July 7 – Service Personnel Appreciation
July 14 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
July 21 – Porsche Day
July 28 – Italian Day
Aug 4 – Hot Rods (classic)
Aug 11 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Aug 18 – Muscle Cars (big blocks)
Aug 25 – Motorcycle Day
Sept 1 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Sept 8 – Corvette Day
Sept 15 – Mopar Day
Sept 22 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Sept 29 – Overland 4×4 Day
Oct 6 – Rare / Exotic / Unique
Oct 13 – Rare / Exotic / Unique

Oct 20th and beyond – We still keep meeting, every Saturday, all year long. Anyone can park in any lot, in any designated parking space.

A heartfelt thank you

As I finish packing my family’s life into boxes and prepare to board a plane with a one-way ticket, I wanted to take a moment to simply say, thank you.


That’s not directed at one specific individual, group, or organization, but to all of you. The Portland car community at large.


My wife and I moved here six weeks after getting married, and knew almost no one in Portland. A few months after moving I ran into a long-time Portland Cars & Coffee attendee at the Audi dealership. It was so nice to meet a friendly car enthusiast in a place where I had nearly no friends. He told me about Portland Cars & Coffee.

My first time attending the gathering was at our previous location at the Starbucks in Tigard on Sequoia Parkway. Everyone was so friendly and the gathering was diverse. It was low-key and laid back. Maybe 25-50 enthusiasts in a parking lot on a cool winter day.

Among the long-time Portland Cars & Coffee attendees I met that first day was Mark Scholz. At the time he was one of the two gentlemen managing the gathering. When we started chatting and he learned about my background his eyes lit up. You could see the gears turning. As they say, the rest is history.

We’ve grown, a lot. What was once a group of 25-50 enthusiasts has grown into over 300 cars and 600 people on a weekly basis.

A good chunk of my closest PNW friends are because of Portland Cars & Coffee. What’s more, you aren’t just my friends, but friends that my wife and I are now close with as well. As we started a family the community supported us. The friendships I have, the things people have done to help us, I can’t begin to give thanks for.

Thank you for rallying behind Mark and I as we guided Portland Cars & Coffee through its growth and evolution.

As I transition from co-leader to more of an leadership advisor role, a special thank you to the members of Ground Control is necessary. Without this group of people, Portland Cars & Coffee would simply not exist anymore. They are the ones that make this run.

More than that, thank you all for taking my family in and making us part of yours. I will forever be grateful to this car community.

While I might not be here locally on site, you can bet I’m not gone.

Please, keep in touch.

– Joel

Leadership Change

Effective immediately we are announcing a leadership change for Portland Cars & Coffee.


Current co-leader Joel Feder will be stepping down from his role.


The new leadership will consist of a trio of gentlemen including Mark Scholz, Mason O’Lennick, and Chris Mitchell.

Joel will assist with the transition through the 2016 season and stay on in a leadership advisor capacity there after.

Why now?

Joel and his family are moving to Minnesota, and while distance makes the heart grow fonder, it’s difficult to be in charge of a gathering when one can’t be on site frequently.

About the new leadership:

Mark Scholz –

Mark has been with Portland Cars & Coffee since the beginning in 2008. He’s a driving instructor, Italian car nut (although German cars are growing on him quickly,) and car enthusiast. By day he sells garages with homes attached, and by weekend he is either at the race track, with his daughter, or at Portland Cars & Coffee.

Mason O’Lennick –

Mason has been attending Portland Cars & Coffee for over five years and has been an active leader in Ground Control since its inception. His experience and knowledge spans topics such as business operations, non-profits, legal, and is of course, an automotive enthusiast. He’s active in the local car community with the BMW club and is an avid DIYer.

Chris Mitchell –

Chris has been coming to Portland Cars & Coffee well over five years and has been an active leader in Ground Control since its inception. His background includes digital marketing and branding strategy, small business management, along with event planning. Chris spends most of his time racing or helping other automotive groups around the PNW, and regardless if it’s Saturday, is a regular coffee addict, always willing to lend a hand.

We are excited about this new chapter in Portland Cars & Coffee’s history and look forward to seeing it continue to evolve.

– Joel, Mark, Mason, Chris

*Photo credit – Tom Hoots